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We want to make this place work so that our children’s children

can enjoy this land and these countries like we used to.

Fresh Nutrients, formed in 2023, is a plant nutrition and agronomy business that imports and sells specialist products predominantly but not exclusively to the Small Scale Contract Tobacco sectors in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania. It also provides leading edge technology and agronomy support to both the Small Scale and Commercial sector through the “AgIQ” process.

Its founders, Peter Tate and Andrew Beckerling, have over 30 years of experience in the fertilizer industry. Through technology and R&D, Pepperfresh aims to be a leader in its field - both in the international and South African markets.


Peter Tate

BSc Agric-Econ, MBA UCT

Founder and CEO

Born and raised in Zimbabwe I have a deep affinity with the African people and its future. Utilizing many years of experience in the region, my vision is to create a business that creates wealth for all stakeholders with the use of disruptive technologies, well-researched products and the best people. 

"Be the man your dog thinks you are"

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Antony Blake

Business Manager


"Be dynamic!"  These words have been groomed into my psyche since I was a boy. This mindset is a prerequisite for living in our beautiful Zimbabwe, where the sky is the limit. 

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Thinus Enslin

MCSE, Dipl Enterprise Networks

Agrisoft Solutions - Founder and MD


My God give us the courage to make a change, the strength to be keep standing and the wisdom to serve others.

Andrew Beckerling

BSc Agric, MSc Plant Ecology

Founder and Head of Agronomy

My ecological training has always motivated me to try and improve farming systems through scientific monitoring and clever products that improve farming efficiency.

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Tanya Naude

PA and Administration

I feel privileged and excited to be part of the improvement of agricultural practices for the benefit of our society and look forward to gaining new skills and knowledge in this field.


Mazvita Nyajeka


Agric Dip, BSc Agric Magt.


"Success isn't about what you accomplish in life. It's about how you inspire others.

Peter Goede Profile Pic.jpg

Peter Goede

BSc Soil Science Hons,

Dipl. Terrain Evaluation

Bioboer Founder and MD

Subtropical Crops Specialist


As stewards, I believe in treating our soil with respect. As an agronomist and soil scientist, I find joy in advising methods and products that result in healthy crops, healthy fruit
and eventually healthy animals and people. By using scientifically proven methods and common sense my aim is to help grow high yielding, nutrient dense agricultural products with value.

O'brian Kupeta

BSc Agric, BSc Agric. Magt, EMBA

Agronomy Consultant, North Carolina, USA


"The best never rest, think high!"

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Duncan Miller Cured leaf 2014
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O'Brian having tea at the Dedza Pott
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